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Ui024 — LP — 20€
Co-released by ArtKillArt

Pali Meursault

(Side A extract)

(Playing with Side B)

Press completes a “mechanist” trilogy, started by Pali Meursault with Offset in 2013 and Mécanes in 2016. Following the investigation of gestures and machines cycles in printing and letterpress workshops, this new work is a mise en abyme of the record as an object, created from field recordings of a vinyl record pressing plant: Rand Muzik in Leipzig.

Composed in the studios of GRM, Press is a piece of industrial musique concrète. The microphonic explorations of factory noises, as “byproducts” of the fabrication process, reveal the pulsations, rhythms, frequencies and sequences of an electroacoustic matter that seem to be already pointing to industrial and electronic music. Noise is apprehended as a social and cultural phenomenon, which attests of both a production process and an auditory culture.

The piece fills the first side of the record with three “movements” that correspond to the three main stages of the record fabrication: electrotyping, pressing, and packaging.
The second side is a deconstruction of the first one, presenting 33 locked groves. The medium conditions the shape of sound by imposing the never-ending repetition of the 1.8 seconds in take to complete a rotation.

Ui023 — LP+digital — 15€
Co-released with 213 Records

Cathy Heyden

'Coyotes' (sample)

'Soda Lake' (sample)

Imagined while crossing the great american plains, 'Badlands' is the first solo album by saxophonist Cathy Heyden. Each side of the record reveals a different facet of the (the devil's) instrument and of the (accomplished) instrumentist. 'Coyotes' pulls out of studio recording the tour de force of a radical evocation of the wild and nocturnal immensity of the desert ; while 'Soda Lake' meticulously explores unexpected patterns and matters.

While expanding the possibilities of the solo instrument (one might think of Michel Donéda, Stéphane Rives, Nmpereign...), the sonic exploration and soundscape-like approach of 'Badlands' finds a natural way to the catalog of Universinternational.

Co-released with 213 Records. Distributed by Metamkine, La Face Cachée and Tzotizok Zoundz.

Ui022 — 33T/25cm — 10€

pali meursault

'Penser avec les Mains' (extrait)

'Rosa is Rosa is Rosa' (extrait)


Commissioned by GRM, < Mécanes > brings further the "machinic" research pali meursault had started with OFFSET. This time, sound matter was recorded in a letter-pressing workshop. With the help of the artisans, and on the pretext of printing the text insert of the record, it as possible to bring the microphones even closer to the mechanics, to the machines as a musical instrument.

Side A focuses on the delicate handcrafting, while on side B it's the enregy of the presses that is setting the pace.

Sounds were collected with the welcome and support of atelier m.u.r.r., the piece was first created in january of 2016 at GRM's "Festival Multiphonies".

Ui021 — Online edition

Dinah Bird & Jean-Philippe Renoult,
Gilles Aubry, Éric Cordier,
Helena Gough, pali meursault,
Stéphane Montavon, Michael Northam,
Duncan Whitley and Carl Y.

Curated by Gilles Aubry and Stéphane Montavon in 2009, the 'Belju Soundbrige' took place on the French-Swiss border: during a series of short residencies, artists were invited to explore the Territoire de Belfort and the canton of Jura. Four years later, this edition puts the finishing touch to the project by gathering a selection of sound works composed at the time...

For the first time, Universinternational presents a web-only project. But as we didn't want to just put up a net-release that would be another list of files, we tried to think about what a digital edition should and could be, and we have created a veritable listening environment, a singular space dedicated to that collective project, in which to navigate. Enjoy listening and have a good trip on the border!


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Frédéric Nogray & Yannick Dauby



Singing birds recorded in Taiwan, France and Honduras in conversation with an analog filter in feedback and a modular synthesizer.

With this work, Frédéric Nogray and Yannick Dauby confront nature recording to the edge of its musical possibilities. Three electroacoustic compositions, three strange and hypnotic landscapes gather in a long-awaited edition finally released with all the care it deserved. The records comes with an illustration by Elizabeth Saint-Jalmes, in a sleeve letterpress printed at atelier m.u.r.r.

Digital album available on Bandcamp.

Ui019/doubt11 — LP+MP3 — 15€

pali meursault

Co-released with doubtfulsounds

'Cycle #2'

'Flux #1'

Composed from recordings of two different printing facilities, the work is deliberately situated in between the sound document about the over-determined environment and electroacoustic re-composition.

A series of variations on textures, rhythms, cycles and patterns formed by the producing and reproducing machines. Here the soundscape is regarded as a social and cultural phenomenon as much as it is acoustic: the recorded matter is both the damaging and alienating by-product of the production process, and already holds a musical dimension, marked by a hundred years of mechanical fantasies, as cultivated by the Futurists. The issue, then, was to study how the noise of a machine becomes music as much as it was to understand how a musical culture produces an alternative listening of the environment.


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Volume #3

A collection of field recordings around the globe by Philip Halke, Maksims Shentelevs, David Bouvard, Ici-Même, Cédric Anglaret, Guillaume Beauron, Philippe Faujas & pali meursault...

This volume focusing on voices in contexts, edited by David Bouvard.

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Ui017 — mini-CD — 5€

Philippe Petitgenêt
& François Martig



"P.A.S" is a phonography of the harbour area of the Rhine in Strasbourg, a rather peculiar place, mixing industrial activities and a no man's land zone of wasted spaces... This vast and open geographic area is a non-place comparable to airports or international transit spaces, without any precise identity.

The project was essentially made from location recordings, the approach is of a poetic of the space rather than it is documentary. Sounds captured in other places are mixed with the harbour field recordings. The public creation of P.A.S premiered during festival Ososphère in Strasbourg, during two cruises on the Ill canal, in the port area of the Rhine.


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Éric Cordier


'La Cité du Bruit' naviguates to the limits of silence and phenomenal noise with a permanent tension. The composition was born from the confrontation of fighter-bomber planes - making 'noise' to be heard in all its power, excess and chaos - with the regular nature of iterative sound phenomenons, such as the charging/discharging of electrons inside the condensers of a microphone, or the steady or quickening crackle of aquatic insects.Everything here is about interweaving contrasting elements, but which eventually become a structure.

'La Cité du Bruit' was created on the 22nd of November, 2009, during the 'Kunst' program of Austrian national radio ORF, as part of a series of broadcats curated by the label Gruenrekorder.

Digital album available on Bandcamp.

Ui015 — CD — 10€

Francisco López, pali meursault, Helena Gough, Maksims Shentelevs, Thomas Tilly, Rui Costa, John Grzinich & Murmer

Helena Gough, 'kwh'

Maksims Shentelevs, '16-36'

First, there was the desire of an ambitious record, then to work with these artists, to bring them together. Unavoidably, a rule had to be set, and everybody had enough taste to bend it somewhat... So everyone has produce a piece from the 'active listening of their own environment', but beyond the gallery of subjective soundscapes, something different emerged: maybe the very specific way an ear plugs to the world, and makes the energy flow between the outside and the inside.

It won't be a surprise, then, if sometimes the landscape comes out as an abstract form, discretely magnetic or radically electric. The pretext of active listening possibly becoming, for the listener, an approach to the activity of listening : we don't just hear what each artist has listened to, we also hear the listening itself, its switching on, and that's maybe what makes most noise.


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Emmanuel Mieville

A nocturnal phonography from Costa Rica wherein insects meet rough noises and electronic drones.

Sounds are being arranged, weaved and developed in an unexpected way, marks are blurred and a moment of suspension and indeterminacy happens.

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Volume #2

The second volume of the ambiances sonores drifts in Africa, Europe and Asia. a strong animal thematic has emerged almost in spite of us, as an echo to the recent disc of Yannick Dauby.

A succession of sound captures sonores from Champassak to the marché de l'estacade, by : Dominique Dereymez, Arnaud Billet, Manolie Soysouvanh, Jean-Marcel Busson, Juliet Quinn & Pali Meursault.

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Cawa Sorix

The long-awaited record of Cawa Sorix could be define as "sound poetry", but it certainly exceed that label, as it eyes up to hand-crafted plunderphonic and amusing cut-up. Made with two cassette players, one of which.

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Yannick Dauby

Yannick Dauby has set out his microphones for a close listening of the world. The animal pretext allows him to reveal the organic and musical unity of some everyday soundscapes.

Birds and cars, motors and insects let their identifiablke aspects disappears and we come to hear music where we were listening to the city.

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Seijiro Murayama & Michael Northam

Unexpected encounter between the drums of Seijiro Murayama and the delicate materials of Michael Northam…

A fifteen minutes parenthesis, a balancing moment of quiet tension... A sound material that seems to grow by itself during the improvisation.

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Juliet Quinn

Juliet Quinn's work is a kind of intimate plunderphonic : he passes his friends or collegues through the mill of is computer and rubs his guitar with the objects he can found on the floor of his room...

The outcome is an uniclassifiable comic-book like diary, and an incredible chain of top-seller summer hits.

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Frédéric Dutertre

Frédéric Dutertre tried the alpine countryside by sticking his microphones on cables, wires, enclosures, trees … picking up wind frequencies, abstract vibrations and interferences.

A close listening of the world conducted with curiosity. The piece takes the shape of a specific phenomenon study, while music and poetry seem to settle down themselves.

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Thierry Monnier

We should only say that this piece, imagined for 7 months and created in 3 days, is buzz and feedback. But that could be simplistic. Really?

Guitar : sometimes charming, sometimes aggressive. Buzz : sometimes low, sometimes loud. A really rotten sound.

A probable masterpiece…

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pali meursault

pali meursault continues his search of raw sound materials, at walking motion in an industrial environment. Anti-promenade, anti-documentary in which the usual points of reference and the effects of an alienating industrial sound slowly turns into pure vibrations.

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A long improvisation a recent composed piece ...

The Nappe duo follows an electronical exploration without falling into the traps of improvisation nor the trendy laptop attitude. A really radical computer music that does not fit in the usual compartments. A raw music linking together numerical technology and poetry while cleaning up loudspeakers.

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Guillaume Beauron

Guillaume Beauron gathered several shorts moments of intimacy with post-rock atmosphere and “musique concrète” studies.

A whispering and crackling record to be played secretly.

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Entre blues lo-fi, performance d'homme orchestre et folk-songs, l'univers de The Ironfinger 1000 est plus fait de citations que de simples influences. Un collage de références et d'impressions qui s'organisent comme une petite histoire de 20 minutes (…)

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Volume #1

"The drift is a technique of quick way through different atmospheres. The concept of drifting is indistinctly linked with the acknowledgement of a psychogeographical effect along with the assertion of a constructive-playing behaviour, which is totally conflicting it with the usual notions of travelling or strolling." (Guy Debord, Théorie de la dérive in IS n°2 ).

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pali meursault

pali meursault works from direct sound captures. A search for the raw material of sound and a study of rhythms and cycles - determined or random - in urban or industrial environments.

Zetein is a drone constituted of the sounds of a train and a blowing engine … The microphone reveals an unusual sound field, abstract and hypnothic, set up in multiples stratums, detailed textures and vibrations.

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